What are the day care hours?

  • Frankland Day Care is open from 7:30am – 6:00pm

Do you pick-up and drop-off children to school?

  • Yes – Frankland Day Care staff take care of all pick-ups and drop-offs to and from school.

Is Frankland Day Care closed for statutory holidays?

  • Frankland Day Care is closed for all statutory holidays – we are also closed Easter Monday.

Does the day care offer a lunch or snacks?

  • Due to current restrictions we do not offer a lunch program, or catered lunches. We hope to offer this service in the near future. Frankland Day Care does offer a morning and afternoon snack.

Where is Frankland Day Care located?

  • Frankland Day Care is located on-site of Frankland Community Public School. Our office is located in the portable closest to the parking lot (P#1).

Are the portables heated and air conditioned?

  • Frankland Day Care operates our Jr. & Sr. school age programs in portables behind the school. The portables are heated and air conditioned. We also have drinking water in each program room.